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Europaskolan's Facilities

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Main Building

Located at Gotlandsgatan 43, on the beautiful island of Södermalm, our main building is currently undergoing minor renovations. We have completely redesigned the classroom layouts and are in the process of adding a new entrance as well as a new lobby. 

Main Building



Set in 15 hectares of idyllic countryside 35 kilometres south of Stockholm our Eknäs Gård site provides pupils with unrivalled, practical learning opportunities and experiences – key elements of the IB approach.
We believe that coupling what students learn in the classroom to real word experiences, as well as acquiring valuable life skills, are vital parts of the School’s overall offering. Our activities at Eknäs Gård are also grounded in the IB requirement of learning by experience.



Outdoor Life

Students in our PYP and MYP programs participate in a wide variety of physical education and outdoor life activities off- campus. Students enjoy team-building events such as outdoor camping whilst learning to prepare meals and shelter in nature.


Students will also learn to become experienced hikers whilst mastering the skill of orienteering. In addition, students will be taken to local facilities such as rock-climbing gyms, swimming halls, and ice-skating rinks or frozen lakes. No two days are the same when it comes to the wide array of experiences students will enjoy outside of the classroom!

Physical Education & Outdoor Life

Clapping Game

International School

Our sister school, Vasa International School of Stockholm, is located in Vasastan and follows the Bilingual IB Program. Similar to Europaskolan, the education that is offered is based on an IB framework following the Swedish National Curriculum. 

August 2022: Vasa International School is opening up a new facility in Kungsholmen which will follow the English IB Programme.  Swedish will be taught as a second language at this new campus. 

Please click here to view Vasa International School's website.

Please click here to view Kungsholmen's International School website.

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