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I.B. meets the Swedish Curriculum

Principal's Message

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Hello and welcome to Europaskolan, the Swedish school with an international heart in the centre of Stockholm. 

We believe the best way to provide a high quality education to our students is to combine the best of the Swedish school system with the best from international education and deliver it to the students in an engaging and inspiring way. To best achieve this, we became an authorised IB world school, and run the PYP and MYP curricula in conjunction with the Swedish National curriculum. To further emphasize the union of Swedish and international education we have two languages of instruction, Swedish and English. 

We also believe that children learn best when they feel safe and they feel safest when they are surrounded by adults they can trust. We therefore keep our class sizes down and encourage our teachers to get to know as many students from other classes as possible. This creates an extended family-like atmosphere that children can thrive in. 

Naturally, an education must also be inspirational and grounded in a common set of democratic values, and thanks to the IB programs and our dedicated staff who implement the programs every day, we have just that. The IB's core values derive from the belief that students should be taught to be global citizens, capable of participating in and changing our interconnected democratic societies for the better. An important part of that education is encouraging students to become independent thinkers capable of collaborating with other to enact meaningful and positive change in the communities they are a part of. Our hope is that they will embody the principles and qualities we aim to instil in them and bring it with them out into the world. 


Matthew Ouellette

Head of School

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