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Open House 

We may be running a second open house later in the term. Please be on the lookout for an invitation in your email. 

Information regarding the queue system is in the application process. 

Application Process

We have a separate queue system that allows anyone to apply at any time during the year. Once you have submitted the application you will get a queue reference number, but you will not be able to see your position in the queue.


If you don’t have a Swedish national ID you can use TF01 (for a boy) and TF02 (for a girl) instead of the four last digits in the personal number. 

​Our youngest students start IBEY (IB Early Years) at the earliest, in August the calendar year they turn five while PYP 1 is the first compulsory year according to the Swedish National Curriculum. 


The Middle Years Programme starts with MYP 1, year 6 in the Swedish school system.


Most of our vacancies are available from August and the admission process starts in February/March the previous term. We offer placements according to our queue regulations that consider siblings, proximity to the school and queue time. 


Once you have applied to our queue you will continue to stay there for future admissions and will move along with the queue for next year level. No new application is necessary. 

Europaskolan is a fee free school. 



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