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Mission Statement & Philosophy

Europaskolan facilitates a challenging and inclusive learning environment under the guidance of highly competent staff whom encourage students to reflect, inquire and take action in their communities. Our learning environment enables students to experience new situations with curiosity and confidence on their journey to becoming engaged, life-long learners in a multi-cultural and ever-changing world.

A unique learning environment

Small class sizes; an open, multicultural and multilingual atmosphere; excellent academic results; an appreciation for the wider world – just some of the aspects of life at Europaskolan.

Combining the broad learning of the International Baccalaureate®, (IB), and the Swedish curriculum, we welcome pupils from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and provide them with a fully rounded education.

We create a challenging and inspiring working environment where all students have the opportunity to flourish – those who are independently able, and those who may need more support.

With approximately 400 students at our Södermalm campus and a strict limit on class sizes of 24 pupils, we offer a small, focused school environment where students are given the best possible opportunities to learn and develop as individuals in an environment where teachers know every student.


We encourage regular communication between parents and teaching staff, primarily through day-to-day contact and email. 

The school also runs an active mentor programme in which each pupil is assigned a member of staff whom they can approach if they have questions or concerns about their studies, and indeed personal lives.

Students are encouraged to take an active role in forming day-to-day life at the School through the Student Council. The school also holds regular parent meetings where parents and staff discuss student development.

Under  Swedish  law,  all  schools  that  have at least five pupils who speak the same language other than Swedish or Swedish minority language, must offer classes to students in their mother tongue. As part of our dedication to the IB practice of promoting internationalism, and in addition to our strong English and Swedish bilingual learning, we actively dedicate resources to providing a large number of lessons in pupils’ mother tongues. 

Discipline & Mutual Respect

While we give our students the freedom to learn and explore independently, we also believe in the importance of discipline and mutual respect. To ensure pupils are polite, confident and respectful young world citizens, we work constantly to create an environment where students have genuine respect for teaching staff, fellow pupils and themselves. The School also has an active anti-bullying policy.

Community Service

We also encourage students to become actively involved in community projects and volunteer work. Recent projects include initiatives to support a school in Kenya and a project that works with the elderly in India.

“I like that we’re encouraged to do charity work; right now, we’re doing a project to support the elderly in India”

- Sophia, MYP.

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