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Robert Sanner, the school's lead PYP teacher in Mathematics, has been a part of an ongoing collaborative project with Erasmus. The project, aptly known as the "Boom!" project, involves students from five different schools and many different nationalities including France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden. Please check out Robert's fascinating article and view images from his work in Sicily and back at school at our Gamla Stan campus. Robert's work with this initiative is ongoing and a new project is on the horizon. 



Our instructional hours start at 8:30am and end at 15:00, Monday through Friday. Some days vary.



Students have access to:

  • Weekly after-school tutoring in all subjects

  • Weekly mother-tongue instruction

  • Special Education instructional support

  • School health facilities and on-duty nurse. 



Students receive a free, healthy, and balanced meal served daily in our lunchroom. Special meals for health or religious reasons are available upon request.  

General Info



Students in grades PYP 4 through MYP 4 receive 30 to 90 minutes of music lessons per week. Students learn to read, play, and compose music whilst working individually and collaboratively. Students gain exposure to a wide variety of instruments including classical and synthesized. Students enjoy learning about various musical genres from musical theater to classical to pop. 

Visual Arts


Students in grades PYP 4 through MYP 4 receive 30 to 90 minutes of Visual Art per week. Students in visual arts are encouraged to express their creativity, skill, and passion while exploring in-depth units of study. MYP student art is showcased in a comprehensive exhibition during our "Celebration of Learning" annual event. 

View our informational video which was directed, shot, and edited by three of our very own MYP 3 students!

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Community Service


Students at Europaskolan are service-minded. Teachers regularly integrate service-based learning into their unit planners and encourage students to take action in their local and international communities. One such teacher is Henrik Marcusson whom teaches Individuals and Society (SO). Whether his students are serving up fika in the school cafe' or collecting donations for various charities around the world, they are striving to make a difference whether big or small. At the holidays students in MYP 2 took action by collecting packages for children in need. Students were successful at organizing the event known as "Julklappan" and collected thirty-five presents for children in Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova.